Reasons Why You Need a Business PBX Phone System

It is common to find a single phone number being distributed to several extensions andwhen you call the number you will be redirected either through an automated system ormanually to the required extension. The private telephone exchanges came into existenceback in the 1970s while the Business PBX Phone systems are relatively newer. These arevery popular business tools that allow a business to monitor telephone use by employees.It also plays ...
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Video Calling – Making Your Communication More Effective

Over the years, communication has grown in leaps and bounds. We have moved from one level of technological advancement to another as far as communication is concerned. Today, most people are not just content with voice calls. With the availability of video calls, people are gradually but surely shifting to it. Thanks to IP based video calling. With this IP technology or protocol allows the transmission of voice and now video sessions over the ...
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Seamlessly Record All Your Voice Calls with IP PBX

In today's world, just about anyone can find numerous benefits from recording phone calls conversation. With the changing ways and working habits of today, call recording has almost become a requirement for professionals. The concept of call recording is not just for the business world; even private individuals find they need access to this technology for personal use PBX systems have more to offer than simply providing an automated solution ...
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