Reason to choose On Premise IP PBX Phone System

The telephony industry flows with the latest trends. The most important consideration for businesses in their communication system is new spotlighted system called On-Premise IP PBX system. Businesses are fast dumping their old PBX systems and are switching to the powerful On premise IP PBX system. This system facilitates the routing of calls over a dedicated IP network and the calls are transmitted in the form of data packets. This technology ...
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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Key to your Sales, Service & Support

The term IVR is short for Interactive Voice Response, which is a technique that permits interaction between callers and a phone system to get information into a database. More organizations are turning to IVR to help reduce the cost of common sales, service, administration, inquiry and support calls to and from their organization. In any business, IVR is one of the most common functions in use across the business group and is capable of ...
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Part 4 :- Traditional Telephony Vs Next Generation IP Telephony

New technologies such as IP Telephony don't just replace traditional phone system but allow much greater functionality, increased productivity, enhanced customer service and lower costs than prior technologies. Here are just a few ideas for you to ponder. Instant Messaging (IM): Some IP PBX models come with built-in Instant messaging function that can be utilize along with a PC based interface. This is similar to the web based IM that we are ...
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