Part 3 :- Traditional Telephony Vs Next Generation IP Telephony

Almost all businesses, big or small, would have a Private Branch Exchange system. This telephony system allows businesses to enjoy many phone lines to cater to the uncontrolled calls that could lead to sales and revenue, where traditional PBX system can cost substantially. Apart from the up-front cost of equipment and installation charges, the total cost of ownership would also entail regular maintenance. Besides, the traditional PBX will ...
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Part 2 :- Traditional Telephony Vs Next Generation IP Telephony

A large shift is underway in the telecommunications industry; many customers are transitioning from traditional telephone systems to IP Telephony. Technologies such as IP telephony are with no single doubt the next generation of communications providers. IP telephony meets the challenges of voice networks and End users can easily benefit from end-to-end connectivity to every data networking device available, benefiting from both good voice ...
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PART 1:- Traditional Telephony Vs Next Generation IP Telephony

Setting up a new business requires many things right from revenues to the proper technology to succeed in today's competitive world. Communication is also an important part. But when it comes to communication, choosing the right communication type for the business is even more important. As far as the large businesses are concerned, they do have a budget to buy expensive telephony system but the small to medium size businesses cannot afford a ...
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