How IP PBX Phone System Increase Business Productivity

Effective communication is essential for the smooth functioning of any business. Any business which deals with systems for producing products and performing services has also got the responsibility of maintaining a customer friendly support centre to meet their needs and answer their queries patiently. Years before, phone lines were the most commonly used medium of such business communication. With rapid growth in technology, these analog telephony has been replaced by better options like IP PBX Phone System.

How can IP PBX Increase Productivity?

As businesses and organisations look to updating their communications solutions, IP PBX phone system can play an important role in boosting productivity and efficiency by offering greater mobility, collaboration and time savings. Therefore, there is number of advancements in business phone system these are listed below:

  • Cost Effective Business Phone System – The On Premise PBX Systems are highly cost effective and easy to use. The service is accessible via IP phones, Analog phones and Soft phones with a reliable internet connection. Hosting the services reduces the initial cost of installation and PBX system is owned and maintained by the PBX Service Provider. The maintenance and upgrades are taken care of by the service provider eliminating the total cost of ownership to nothing.
  • Feature Rich IP PBX System – The IP PBX Systems have an ocean of amazing business class features that enterprises love to have. These features help to project themselves as Fortune corporate. The advanced calling features include IVR, Call Recording, Call Forwarding, Voice-mail, Fax mail, Virtual Receptionist, Professionally Recorded Greetings, Music On Hold, Call Park, Call Cascade, Call Block, Visual Call Reports, Do not Disturb, Unlimited Virtual Extensions and more.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility – great for entrepreneurs and business enterprises whose employees travel often and work from homes. The accessibility through internet enables employees to collaborate seamlessly with their clients and sub-ordinates in real time. The calls can be forwarded to any number in the world and that make it possible to answer incoming business calls form any phone either office phone, home phone or cell phone. The online control panel enables users to log in to the system any-time and customize the settings of call forwarding and voice-mail greetings as required.
  • Scalability to meet the Growing Needs – The IP PBX Business phone systems are capable enough to meet the growing needs of a business enterprise. As the number of employees grows you can add any number of extensions easily without actually disturbing the complete business phone system. This is quite easy and cost effective as compared to replacing a complete PBX System. The extensions can be added or removes within seconds as desired.
  • Say Goodbye to Missed Calls- The IP PBX is a business phone system that has attractive digital call handling features and intelligent call routing with features such as enhanced ACD (Automatic Call Display) and IVR (Interactive voice Response) with customizable call management that eliminating the chances of ever missing a single missed call.
  • Easy to maintain and operate – One more feature of IP PBX is that it doesn’t need to be attended to each and every time. It could do its tasks with minimal to no manual supervision. Your business can be assured of not skipping any call or message making it the ideal business phone system. This system’s feature can go on its assigned tasks non-stop, meaning your business is 24/7 to serve your clients.

Businesses which have implemented this solutions are able to achieve improved productivity and efficiency savings by communicating more effectively internally and externally with their colleagues and customers. These phone system are truly enterprise class Business Phone systems that are reliable, robust, feature rich and most importantly cost effective to take communication to its next level.

Posted on November 6, 2015 at 4:52 pm

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