Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Key to your Sales, Service & Support

The term IVR is short for Interactive Voice Response, which is a technique that permits interaction between callers and a phone system to get information into a database. More organizations are turning to IVR to help reduce the cost of common sales, service, administration, inquiry and support calls to and from their organization.

In any business, IVR is one of the most common functions in use across the business group and is capable of bringing remarkable advantages to your company. Customers appreciate the fact that they can call certain companies 24/7 for various queries through an automated system such as this. When your customers are happy, they continue to purchase from you. And you, in turn make more profits and grow your business to new heights!

Interactive Voice Response systems, tailored to a company’s requirements can give much the same information as a live operator at a fraction of the cost both financially and resourcefully. To place things in their most simple form IVR systems let callers interact with your company virtually.

The most basic IVR system simply allow you to record a message that is played when a customer presses the appropriate number on the phone keypad. The more advanced Interactive Voice Response systems allow callers to interact with an organization on a much greater scale.

Benefits of IVR Systems

  • Interactive Voice Response systems can be extremely beneficial to organizations by eliminating on live call handling time, in this way saving money and empowering staff to be free to focus on other business areas.
  • IVR systems can benefit callers by either permitting access to personalized information or, directing them to the right department or, by a combination of multiple input types and selections via menu choices involving telephone keypad input and speech recognition.
  • Interactive Voice Response systems allow companies to easily extend their hours of business, without the need for live operators to be on hand. This allows callers to call at their convenience.
  • Call queuing times to departments within a company can be drastically reduced.
  • IVR systems allow company representatives to experience lower call volumes thorough the automation of repetitive tasks. This allows these representatives to manage their calls more efficiently.
  • For companies who accept payments via the telephone IVR systems can fully automate this task, allowing them to process transactions anytime of the day, any day of the week.
  • IVR systems allow companies to highlight new products, updates or product information etc. while a caller is on hold.
  • Companies are able to monitor call progress and transactions through the use of daily call activity reports.

The IP PBX solution comes with the features like IVR, which allows the customers to get their queries resolved automatically. The customers can explore the facilities, raise requests, pay bills, etc. using the IVR without holding the phone. It additionally removes the need of the attendant to answer each customer call manually.

Nexbro IP PBX solution provide businesses opportunity to communicate, coordinate and collaborate more efficaciously and aid the overall ROI.

Posted on September 25, 2015 at 6:07 pm

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