Internet has become the backbone of day to day business processes for businesses of all sizes. There are various means by what enterprises get connected to their stakeholders over internet. The latest technology has provided diverse media for availing internet access either at home or office and even during transit. Cost of IT infrastructure and quality of internet services, account major share in organizational overheads. In major cases the infrastructure laid down for data access and bandwidth availed for day to day business processes are not optimally utilized, so the IT infrastructure becomes a non-optimized asset.

Why IP PBX is a solution for business communication?

As the IP PBX market has evolved in the past ten years, it has grown to include more ‘virtual’, ‘internet-based’, and ‘in the cloud’ solutions. IP PBX support infrastructure has become increasingly reliable and hosted options have become a real option. Today, more than ever before, end users are able to choose the exact features and services they want at an afforded price.

Small to Large Enterprises are migrating towards IP PBX or upgrading their existing infrastructure to avail benefits of IP telephony. The requirements of SOHO, small to medium enterprises and large enterprises vary depending upon their size, business processes, span and also on their investments.

Key points for choosing next generation telephony (IP-PBX):

  • IP Telephony is a feature-rich VoIP phone service delivered over information networks.
  • SIP is the industry standard for IP Telephony that connects business networks to the world-wide phone system.
  • SIP lets you locate your PBX at the most-efficient location on your network, even across national borders.
  • To achieve the QoS (Quality of Service) required for IP voice calls, you will need to select the right system and IT partner for your business.
  • Security in your network and IP Telephony service is an important factor to be managed by your IT partner.

Your Industry Benefits from IP Telephony :

IP Telephony delivers multiple benefits including lower costs, increased productivity, a feature-rich service with built-in redundancy, and a platform for future advances in how we collaborate and communicate with one another.

  • Lower Calling Cost: By using your WAN to process all inter-office calls, IP Telephony immediately cuts calling costs.
  • Increased productivity: IP Telephony adds to business productivity, making your business more flexible and better connected. With IP Telephony, network access delivers full feature-rich telephony services including call forwarding and voice mail, so your work colleagues can stay in touch and quickly respond to new business opportunities.
  • Secure and robust phone services: As a network-based service, IP Telephony features the latest technology for continuous service performance, including built-in redundancy and instant re-routing.
  • Fit-for-future phone services: With IP Telephony, the network becomes a trusted platform to deliver full business phone services. The introduction of real-time communication on a robust and reliable platform creates the space where businesses can develop new and better ways to
    communicate with one another. IP Telephony creates a communication environment that can change the way customers experience your business.

To successfully implement IP PBX you need a communications partner that understands your business and operating environment. At Nebero Systems, we will work with your business to develop your unique pathway to fulfil all your IP Telephony needs through consulting and Nexbro IP PBX solution. Starting from your current phone system and business needs, we will implement a plan that delivers your business real and measurable benefits every step of the way.

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