Nexbro is a software based PBX that works with SIP standard based IP Phones, SIP trunks and VoIP Gateways to provide a full PBX solution. Based on Asterisk and Linux, Nexbro offers next generation telephone exchange solution with robust calling features.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Greet callers with recorded messages that offer touchtone choices (like 1 for ‘Sales’, 2 for ‘Support’, 3 for ‘Billing’ etc.) and connect callers to extensions. It’s like having your own receptionist 24 hours a day.

You can use different greetings on each of your incoming lines, allowing sophisticated multi-tenant set-ups, different departments to have their own auto attendants, and automated distribution of frequently requested information such as your product promotion or work hours or holidays.

Active Call
Display (ACD)


View your current active calls, record, place on hold, and send to voicemail all with a single click. Nexbro provides real time queue statistics in the active call display panel. See how each group and each member of that group is performing, as well as see how many calls are waiting and for how long.

Call Recording


Every call you make or receive is recorded and define permissions to record on the fly in .wav or MP3 file format. So monitoring the quality of your customer service or analyzing calls for training purpose from customers and prospects is as easy as pushing a button. Further track the calls that go through your network with sophisticated information, including call length, line usage, wait times and all the transfers or holds that happen to a call. Call detail record logging tells you the date, time and duration of a call, whether calls were inbound or outbound, caller ID name and number (if available).

Queue Management


Nexbro call queue management lets you give your callers the choice of staying on hold or getting out. Call queues with ring groups offers sophisticated customer service. You can upload music or record announcements, and you can let your callers know when they can expect to talk to someone. For every 60 seconds callers in the queue hear “Your call is important to us. Please remain on the line. To return to the previous menu, press star.”

Call Routing


With Nexbro it’s easy to route your incoming calls based on which of your phone numbers was called (toll free, local or international). You can also transfer or block calls based on the caller ID and on the current date and time. In order to save cost, you have total control over how to route calls: send inter-branch calls over local network, or send international calls to a VOIP provider, etc.

This can help you save money, and protect against downtime. Further create simple rules to ensure customers don’t get wait too long or get stuck on hold.

Call Control


Control your calling experience by using traditional features like Transfer, Hold, Conference, and Call Parking or with advanced call control like Call Pickup, Do Not Disturb, Find Me, Follow Me, Intercom and more.

Conference Bridge


A user can set up a conference call and serve as moderator, managing invitations, viewing and resetting “hand-raises,” muting individual participants, and more. Further each user on the system can have their own audio conference room and you can host multiple conferences simultaneously.

The extension-owner can even control the phone conferencing experience with announcement options, and who can talk in the conference.

Video Calling


You can have a face-to-face conversation with a co-worker whether they’re in the same office or on the other side of the world. Nexbro provides Video calling, so all you need is a video-capable phone. Most common video codecs H.263 and H.264 are supported, and it works with a video-capable desk phone or softphone.

CRM Integration


Nexbro API enable seamless integration with your existing CRM, ERP or any other business application. User can directly place call from inside of the application using single click-to-call ability. Further you can see who a caller is, historical notes or communications with the caller, the company name and email address—all before you even answer the phone.

SMS Integration


Schedule and run SMS and Phone based campaigns through Nexbro IP PBX. Upload pre-recorded communication: audio or text message, that you want customer or audience to listen or read. Be it be a public announcement, emergency response or product information, this single point solution helps you in successfully delivering the message at defined time intervals.

You can get statistical reports to analyze the effectiveness and reach of the campaign.

Reporting and Analytics


Nexbro provides detailed reporting tool that let’s you go deep into phone system and ensure that everything is working as per defined rules. Shift manager or sales manager can review call records to verify completed calls, abandoned calls, call drops, agent log in and log out times, average call time per agent, total duration of all calls and many more.

Further managers can configure rules to get real-time analytics about the calls in progress to analyze individual and group members performance. Managers can further schedule daily, weekly and monthly reports.