Reasons Why You Need a Business PBX Phone System

It is common to find a single phone number being distributed to several extensions andwhen you call the number you will be redirected either through an automated system ormanually to the required extension. The private telephone exchanges came into existenceback in the 1970s while the Business PBX Phone systems are relatively newer. These arevery popular business tools that allow a business to monitor telephone use by employees.It also plays other roles such as the minimizing the misuse of business telephones,reduces the number of phone lines and numbers as well as the communication costs forthe business.

Benefits of PBX Phone System setup for your business

1. Monitored phone usage at work

One of the biggest challenges any business faces today is monitoring their employees andensuring they are performing their work accordingly without misusing company resources.The telephone happens to be amongst the most misused communication device at theoffice today and ensuring the phones are being used for the businesses interest is critical.This is where the private branch telephone exchange system comes in since it allows thephone calls to be monitored. Thus, it deters the employees from misusing the businesstelephone. This also helps to improve employee efficiency and productivity during workinghours.

2. Reduced number of phone connections to business premises

Rather than having one telephone connection to each desk, medium to large business withmany internal offices can use the private telephone exchange to distribute a single line todifferent offices. Since not every office is making calls at the same time, a single line iscapable of serving up to a dozen offices, this helps reduce the telephone calls cost as wellas the rental costs of the phones in the business.

3. Recorded telephone conversations.

With the rapid advances in digital communication most private telephone exchanges haveadapted to digital technology and this allows for an increased number of functions to beadded to the exchanges. One important function is the record function which allows theconversation to be recorded and stored on the private telephone exchange by simplypressing a button. This helps improve security but also helps to reduce the number ofunwanted calls being received on the number. The Business PBX Phone system alsomakes it possible to blacklist telephone numbers which the business may not want to communicate with.

These benefits clearly demonstrate the importance of the PBX Phone System setup sincethey will help you manage the business phones, allowing them to be used in a morebeneficial and resourceful manner thus improving your businesses profitability.

To successfully implement IP PBX you need a communication partner that understandsyour business and operating environment. As Nexbro, we will work with your business todevelop your unique pathway to fulfil all your IP Telephony needs and provide you acomplete solution.

Posted on August 5, 2016 at 1:55 pm

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