Seamlessly Record All Your Voice Calls with IP PBX

In today’s world, just about anyone can find numerous benefits from recording phone calls conversation. With the changing ways and working habits of today, call recording has almost become a requirement for professionals. The concept of call recording is not just for the business world; even private individuals find they need access to this technology for personal use

PBX systems have more to offer than simply providing an automated solution for managing the flow of your calls. IP PBX solutions offer a wealth of features that can be used in both conventional and unconventional ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization.

At a very basic level, call recording provides a few necessary, ground-level functions for your organization.

Even businesses that are not involved in the call centre or telemarketing business, however, can gain a lot of benefits from call recording systems. Any business who uses communications as part of their daily operations will also receive investment benefits from call recording. These benefits include:

  • Protection from liability : Companies invest in call recording systems to protect themselves from liability in case disputes arise. Having records of calls gives them ready proof whenever they need to resolve conflicts.
  • Quality control : Companies record calls to be able to monitor the quality of all calls and the performance of staff tasked to handle the calls. Call recording software help managers to check whether call agents are using the proper dialogue or are addressing customer concerns properly and respectfully, even if they are not around to monitor the actual calls.
  • Information verification : Recorded calls can also serve as reference so companies can verify all information and make sure all orders are properly delivered even if human errors such as mistyped or misheard information are committed by the staff.
  • Quality improvements : Recorded calls also help companies identify errors by allowing them to review customer feedback and compare successful calls and unsuccessful ones. These calls help to detect errors in terms of the sales script, the selling technique, and so on, so that they will be corrected before they cause major problems for the organization. They also help point out which offers are getting the most attention and what reasons customers are using to decline sales offers. Since interactions with customers need to be analysed thoroughly, recorded calls make this possible.
  • Practical training : Actual calls with consumers are priceless research material in the world of marketing. These calls help companies get into an actual consumer’s head so that they will have an idea about how customers respond or what customers think. Such material comes in handy when companies train new staff since the trainees will have actual material to work with during simulations. This way, they will be trained to handle actual scenarios that arise between a consumer and a company representative.

Nexbro IP PBX is a full-featured call recording solution. It monitors all your telephone calls, converts the audio into a digital format and stores the recorded conversations as digital files that can then be retrieved by authorized users.

Posted on December 14, 2015 at 5:05 pm

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