Transform your business communication with Conference Calling

IP telephony has become the foundation of business communications across industry sectors. An IP PBX or IP phone system provides businesses a complete telephony solution which differs from legacy systems wherein calls are routed over the IP network, thus eliminating the need for separate infrastructures – dedicated to voice and the data.

IP Telephony lets you call anyone with internet or telephone connection, and can deliver the full suite of telephony functionality. However, this feature rich technology has lot of advance features to make business communication more reliable, but the basic and most useful feature is holding a business conference or conference call.

Conference calling has really moved on and advanced in recent years. With better phone systems and the introduction of IP PBX, conference calls are now a key way to do business across the world. Regardless of how many people are involved or how small your business maybe, there are some huge benefits that come with conference calling. If your business is not using conference calling then take a look through some of the benefits that are:

  • Ease of Use : Conference call services can be set up with incredible speed and ease. In no time number of people can be linked together over the phone for an important meeting. A conference call achieves more productive meetings, because a conference call can be organized so quickly. Technological advances have vastly improved conference call services and simplified their controls for optimal ease of use. And finally, a conference call makes your life easier – use any phone, anywhere, at any time!
  • Simplicity : Conference calls used to be a complicated technology. Getting a group of people all on one call at the same time across the country or even the world. However, conference calling has now advanced with phone systems and IP PBX that make the process simple. In a matter of seconds, your conference call could be up and running and getting down to business.
  • Video Conferencing : With new conference call technology, a business can now talk with clients and even suppliers face to face across the internet using multimedia HD IP Phones. This can often make meetings far more productive and make business more efficient.
  • Reliability & Security : Conference call are accessible 24 hours a day and can be accessed from mobiles and from abroad with no loss of communication quality. Whether you are using phones or IP phone for conference calling, technology has advanced to give you complete security and peace of mind. You can use passwords to ensure that nobody else is able to join your conference call or can tunnel using VPN services.
  • Cost savings : Conference calling is a great way to save money. IP PBX can help to save money for any business that needs to communicate with a number of people in either a different branch, with head office or with a supplier in a different part of the world. Communicating with IP telephony is far cheaper than both local and international calls on a land line. As well as saving your money on the actual calls, also save your money on travelling expenses that you would normally incur going to visit a client, supplier or colleague face to face.
  • Enhanced decision making : If you have managers spread across the country or even the world and need their input in order to make a decision the conference calling is ideal. You can meet with your managers no matter how many and instantly discuss any urgent issues that need addressing. This enables you to make faster decisions rather than having to wait to speak to everyone individually.

The benefits and advantages of conference calls are clear and this useful telecommunications technology is quite simply a necessity in today’s business world.

We at Nebero systems provides Nexbro IP PBX a powerful way to enable conferences to communicate, engage and interact with others across distance at any time, from wherever they are.

Posted on November 27, 2015 at 3:26 pm

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