Understanding IP PBX Business Phone System

IP PBX or Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange phone systems are part of the newer type of communication systems that are independent of telephone lines and phone networks. Unlike traditional phone systems, IP PBX systems utilize the Internet to exchange information which is the reason why it belongs to the new mode of communication systems. The IP PBX phone systems are referred to as Internet telephony.

These phone systems are able to facilitate communication processes without encountering any delays that are prevalent in traditional phone systems. Without any interruptions, a call transfer reaches the intended destination faster. Callers will not have to wait long on the other end of the line for their calls to connect because these phone systems do not experience busy or loss of signals.

The IP PBX phone system will permit you to send and receive calls from your clients regardless of your location. This gives you more flexibility in communication because you are no longer restricted to your office. Calls will always reach you. You can freely move about and never worry about missing an important communication transaction.

A versatile business phone extension that is able to add mobile and home phone numbers will also be supplied to your business by IP PBX phone systems. This will further enhance the mobility your business has in communication. You can attend to customer calls outside of your office and be able to project to customers that you are accepting the call in your office. This telecommunication service along with telecommuting keeps you connected to your business.

Business phone extensions IP PBX phone systems are also scalable. This means that you can edit the number of phone extensions you have depending on the needs of your communication. You can delete extensions to save on your telecommunication expense and at the same time add an extension to accommodate new employees. You can also transfer an extension from one user to another. The scalability of phone extensions allows you to have a communication system that develops together with your enterprise.

You can also use the business phone extensions to communicate within your business for free, eliminating inter-company communication fees. Inter-office communication will not be charged for anything because calls are routed through the Internet before reaching the intended extension. This would enable you to better facilitate the communication within your company and keep your employees informed of any changes that happen within your business.

The IP PBX system also has a feature that is able to record each and every conversation that you have with any of your callers. It can also Record calls and can even be stored directly on your computer in mp3 or wav formats.

Why go for IP PBX?

  • IP PBX services are easy to use and install, you do not need any skilled professional to install it. Anyone who knows basics of ip telephony can install it.
  • It is very easy to manage and maintain via web based configuration
  • On Premise PBX services frees you from managing the tangled wires as the hardware used by these can be directly connected to the systems.
  • These services expand and contract according to the customer’s needs; it is very easy to add more extensions unlike the traditional proprietary systems. You just add more systems or phones to your network and you are good to go.
  • You can double the features at half a price. On Premise PBX Systems offer call recording, call routing, IVR, Conference Bridge,Queue Management etc.

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